Effective June 2018; The Designer's Rack, Inc and all of its affliates will adhere to the following policy with respect to data and privacy rights of all customers and users that interface with the digital assets, and e-commerce platforms of the company. 


 The Designer's Rack, Inc. will never share any information either directly or indirectly with any third party or an unaffilated organization for consideration, in-kind services, or for any other commercial purpose.  In the ordinary course of business, The Designer's Rack, Inc, from time to time will proactively send customers announcements and promotions.  At any time you may opt out of receiving offers, newsletters, surveys, or any other communications. 

We are an online merchant under the Uniform Commercial Code and will fulfill orders only within the United States.  The Designer's Rack, Inc. relies on customary third-party relationships to ship orders and process payments.  We only use minimum personal data for shipping purposes and for the verification of customer purchases and returns.

This policy shall apply to all customer and user data shared with of our digital assets.  Any alteration or change shall be communicated to all customers and subscribers prior to its adoption and implementation.